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本店產品採用天然材料製造,因此每批次的顏色, 氣味及質感可能會略有不同,此乃正常現象。 有別於人工合成的化學物,天然的原材料並不能通過標準化而進行大量生產及提煉。原材料採集於不同季節及天氣,這些因素都會對產品的自然特性造成影響。顧客的訂單一經確認,我們將不接受任何因顧客個人理由而提出的更換或退款例如個人喜好而非質量的原因等等。


MINT ORGANICS所有產品都經過全面質量控制,而且在運送之前再次小心檢查,盡量防止次品及產品損壞。如果顧客收到的產品有損壞,請於收到包裹後的7天內電郵顧客服務部團隊所有包裝必須完整保留,否則我們可能懷疑產品曾經被使用或損壞。請注意我們在提供任何退款或退貨服務之前,我們會先確認其狀態。於檢查後,我們會盡快為閣下安排更換或退款。

如我們同意及安排退貨,將不會收取有關商品的運費。在同意退貨之前,MINT ORGANICS保留要求關於缺陷商品的照片支持的權利。一般情況下,退款及更換流程會於收到退貨後的10個工作天內完成。




Due to the nature of our products, the color, scent or texture may vary. Natural ingredients are not standardized and mass-produced the way synthetic ones are. The ingredients are harvested at different times in different weather conditions and this may affect the natural state of the products. Once the order has been confirmed, we do not accept exchanges or returns due to personal preferences.


All items undergo comprehensive quality control and are checked for damage before they are sent to customers. Should you receive an item that is not in perfect condition, please contact our customer care team at within 7 business days from delivery. Please ensure that the packaging remain the same, otherwise it will call into question whether the item was actually used and damaged at that time. Please note that before providing a refund for any returned product we will first verify its condition. After checking, we will issue a replacement or refund.

Shipping costs on the defective merchandise will not be charged if return of the products is required. MINT ORGANICS reserves the right to request photographic support regarding defective merchandise before authorizing a return. Refunds and exchanges will be processed within 10 business days upon receipt.

**Returns or exchanges for purchases made online are not accepted for return or exchange at our retail stores, and vice versa.

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