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Aromatica有機香薰護膚品採用高級100%精油及純天然有機原材製造,由資深香薰治療師、有機植物耕種者及美容護膚研究團隊組成。Aromatica有機耕種源自1997年,於澳洲451英畝屬 “甲級”有機耕種農場種植原材料,受澳洲有機耕種組織 (OGA – Organic Growers Australia) 及HACCP 公營機構認可。於2010年,Aromatica有意發展亞洲天然及有機護膚品的市場,決意於韓國另設種植及生產基地,並於2011年進軍香港市場。

Aromatica專業團隊利用世界各地30多個國家的天然有機原材,配合最先進的科技,研製出最有效、安全的天然有機護膚品。Aromatica全系列產品不含酒精、化學防腐劑 (如Paraben)、合成色素、合成香料、動物成分及石油化學製品,配方專為亞洲肌膚而設。我們相信,有機耕作有效減低化學物及合成品使用量,對人類及生態環境都非常有益,亦是我們保護環境的責任。


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Natural and Safe, our promise to you

Aromatica, the organic aromatherapy cosmeceutical company, produces high quality and safe skincare products using organic ingredients & 100% pure essential oils. The brand originated in Australia in 1997, and relocated its production facilities to Korea since 2010. Products are hand-made by a team of aromatherapists, organic growers and skincare experts.

All ingredients are chosen carefully from over 30 countries around the world, and each Aromatica product is certified by ECOCERT from France, proven to be purely natural & organic. For the best safety of our health and the environment, we guarantee all products are free from alcohol, parabens, synthetic preservatives, colorants, fragrances, animal ingredients and petroleum derivatives. With one small step to eliminate the potentially harmful substances in our products, we hope to bring peace and health to human beings and our environment.


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