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Boho Green Makeup


BOHO 來自法國,是第一個結合有機樂趣和專業品質的化妝品牌,亦是天然化妝品市場中顏色選擇最多的製造商之一!自2012年以來,BOHO創造自然和技術性化妝品,不採用具爭議性的成分,不僅僅是一個商業概念,也是滿足女仕對產品透明度的要求及需求。成分精心挑選,採用植物原料,天然顏料和環保設計包裝,提供種類齊全、顏色豐富和持久、價格合理的化妝產品,給真正的道德消費者一個適合的選擇。


BOHO Green Make-up, Conscious Make-Up

BOHO Green Make-Up is a committed brand of natural and certified organic make-up.

We offer high quality products with soft and pigmented textures.
Deeply convinced that the beauty industry has to change, we have always been engaged in an eco-design approach in order to make accessible to all conscious beauty products, respectful of human and environmental health.

Born in France, Made in Italy


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